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Annual Festival of Creativity & Sustainability


You are invited to participate in the Festival of Creativity and Sustainability. You can find a working draft copy at http://creativityfestival.pbwiki.com


It is an internationally-networked solidarity festival, for now focusing in the Canary Islands.


It lasts for 2 weeks every summer from July the 10th to the 26th, every year


It celebrates the talents and creativity of craftspeople, local artists and agriculturalists, in order to increment the sustainability of our regions.


It brings resources to the people doing the real work, creating the economic and regional sustainability.


The Festival’s purpose is to mutually help us in organising the bringing together of local economies.



It also helps us to support the smaller ecological concerns and individual craftspeople, and/or small interested NGOs too.



The practicalities


1) Whoever shares the aims of the Festival can participate.

We are open to offers of workshops and / or lodging.

This can be at a house or on a  farm.


2) All the workshop spaces and lodging offers gather on a website which we can all publish and edit: http://creativityfestival.pbwiki.com .

All members can access all parts of the organization if they wish to.


3) Each area creates its’ own special local currency for the Festival (or 'tokens' that one purchases with national currency).

This is used to pay the craftspeople, agriculturalists for their workshops, the food and the lodging during the festival.


All products interchanged during the festival are local.

The focus is on the creation of sustainability.


This needs the imagination of everyone, if we are going to achieve our goals.



4) In the Festival we will share experiences and ideas for improvements…

It will help us all mutually in the work we share and in any difficulties we share. We will also share the joys too.


5) We all work inter-dependently, there is no single organisation or central entity. Only the information is centralised.

There are clear protocols that we are adapting. There are 3 central values:

a) local self-determination

b) international solidarity

c) the ecological, economic and social sustainability of our planet



It is an internet networked project, only in its’ third year.

It would be great if you can offer a couple of workshops in your area (with or without accommodation)


We can spread the information about the festival together. Then people can chose if they want to support the local sustainable economy of Chile, the Canary Islands, Morocco or Slovakia… Any small group can apply, wherever it is… (we are going to see who joins this year :)


The dates are 10 - 23 Julio, every year and all details here: http://creativityfestival.pbwiki.com










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